Our First 10 Years

Since September 16, 2013, when the company for professional rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities Novitas Consult, after fulfilling all legal requirements, received permission to register, we have been continuously generating social changes by providing equal opportunities to persons with disabilities to, through professional rehabilitation, job training and gaining employment empower and include them in work processes that only contribute to their full social inclusion.

At the beginning, five people with disabilities worked with us, and today that number has grown to 18 people with disabilities.

From one training program for people with disabilities, we have developed two more that are accredited by the competent authorities and that have demonstrated their quality and positive effect in practice both in working with people with disabilities and in working with individuals from other more difficult employable categories.

We have built a winning team, with motivated and loyal individuals who, in an atmosphere of friendship and mutual support, achieve excellent results that contribute to the growth and qualitative and quantitative development of Novitas Consult.

Starting from our dual role, an economic enterprise with a social mission, from the initial packaging of fruits and vegetables we developed the production of fiscal rolls and labels, as well as a whole range of diverse services, we introduced and applied the HACCP food safety system standard for packaging, repackaging, sorting of fruits and vegetables, quality management system following the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard, the GLOBAL GAP standard of good agricultural practice and the FSSC 22000 food safety standard of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). As an important success, we highlight the inclusion of our agricultural subcontractors in the GLOBAL GAP standard, in which we provided them with educational, professional, and other support, which contributes to the strengthening of these agricultural holdings, and ensures the quality of our products.


We have built reliable and responsible cooperation with the Sector for the Protection of Persons with Disabilities of the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs, with whom we directly cooperate to improve the position of companies for professional rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities, with the National Employment Service, Šabac Branch, with which we have constant communication and consultations, along with joint participation in programs for the implementation of professional rehabilitation measures and activities, as well as with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, where we are active in the field of socially responsible business.


We have built a collaborative network with organizations from the non-governmental sector that work to improve social entrepreneurship, equal opportunities, respect for the human rights of minority social groups, environmental protection, and others, such as IDC Serbia, GIZ, Coalition for the Development of Solidarity Economy, Caritas Šabac, Green Alliance, Humane heart of Šabac, Serbs for Serbs.


We are particularly engaged and focused on the activities of the Association of Business Women of Serbia and the Association of Companies for Professional Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities of the Republic of Serbia.


The quality of our work has been recognized and awarded with numerous awards:

  • “Flower of Success for the Dragon Woman” awarded the co-owner and director of the company Marija Ignjatović with a special award for social entrepreneurship;
  • Novitas Consult, which received an award and recognition for special initiative and excellence in entrepreneurial creativity in Central and Southeastern Europe “Creator for the Century”;
  • 100 successful business women under the slogan: The best is yet to come” at the competition of JP Pošta Srbije, co-owner and director Marija Ignjatović,
  • Special recognition to Novitas Conasalt within the “Đorđe Weifert” Award competition for leaders of social responsibility of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce for the year 2022 for a special contribution to the support and empowerment of persons with disabilities;
  • Gold medal for the prune product, gold medal for the dried apple product – chips, and gold medal for the dried pear product at the Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad in 2023
  • Maxi award for business sustainability awarded at the National Food Festival in 2023.


With hardworking and responsible team members, Novitas Consult continues to engage even more strongly in creating a responsible, healthy community of equal opportunities.