Advantages of Cooperation

Novitas Consult provides on-the-job training tailored to motivated individuals, assigns them to a workplace that matches their knowledge, skills and abilities, and provides equal opportunities for people with disabilities towards optimal independence and autonomy.

The cooperation with Novitas Consult ensures the simultaneous purchase of high-quality products and services, significant savings in financial operations, the fulfillment of the legal obligation to employ persons with disabilities, and the integration of socially responsible business into the partner company’s business model.

Education and Raising Awareness

By educating clients and employers in the open labor market, Novitas Consult creates a common world that contributes to:

the understanding and impact of disability on an individual and theiir family, their social and economic strengthening through career development and advancement.

the need to empower the community to provide people with disabilities with equal opportunities for education and work.

the information and training on proper functioning in accordance with legal obligations and the evaluation of the effects of the cooperation, which all together comprise a unique system of mutual cooperation and support.

Package of Benefits

The cooperation with Novitas Consult enables:

  • the purchase of high-quality products and services
  • the purchase of fruits and vegetables with preserved energy and nutritional value
  • the purchase of healthy and safe products
  • clear and concrete savings in financial operations
  • the fulfillment of the legal obligation to employ persons with disabilities
  • the integration of socially responsible business into the company’s business model

Additional Services as Part of the Cooperation

  • Informing clients about the provisions of the Law on Professional Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities and its accompanying by-laws
  • Educating clients on how to fulfill the obligation to employ people with disabilities
  • Preparation of the necessary documentation (contracts, cooperation agreements/protocols, etc.)
  • Monitoring and reporting to clients on the dynamics of the fulfillment of obligations
  • Advising on the way to inform the Tax Administration about fulfilled obligations

Legislative terms

All domestic or foreign legal entities with at least 20 employees, not classified as new employers under the Law, are obligated to hire persons with disabilities. An employer with 20 to 49 employees is obligated to employ one person with a disability, while an employer with 50 or more employees is obligated to employ at least two persons with a disability, and for each subsequent 50 employees, always one additional person with a disability.

If an employer does not establish a working relationship with a disabled person, they are obligated to fulfill the legal requirement in one of the following ways:

  1.       Pay the funds to the account of the budget of the Republic of Serbia no later than the deadline set for submitting the report on the fulfillment of the obligation to employ persons with disabilities (the deadline is the 5th of the month for the previous month);
  2.       Conclude a contract on business-technical cooperation and fulfill the financial obligation from this contract, purchase products or a provision of services with a company for professional rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities – in the amount of 20 average wages per employee in the Republic of Serbia, and according to the last published data of the Republic Authority Responsible for Statistics at the time of the conclusion of the contract.

It is considered that an employee has fulfilled the obligation to employ persons with disabilities by fulfilling the financial obligation from the contract, provided that they have made payment to the supplier on the basis of one or more contracts and that the value of the financial obligation from one or the aggregate value from several contracts at the time of their conclusion is greater than or equal to the value of 20 average salaries in the Republic of Serbia according to the last published data of the Republic Authority Responsible for Statistics.

Savings Calculator for Employers

With the help of this calculator, by entering the average gross salary (the amount of which you can find by clicking here), you can calculate the projection of your annual obligation for one disabled person, possible savings and other relevant parameters when cooperating with Novitas Consult.

Find out how you can optimally plan and at the same time save the most!

    Personal Communication Channels

    Novitas Consult fosters:

    • open and responsible communication with employees, clients, and colleagues

    • transparency of information related to production processes, business and ethical values

    • a competent approach to all activities

    • the presentation and promotion of best practices, joint activities, and realized impacts on the improvement of business conditions

    • productive partnership relations

    • use of all available channels to present views, advice, and information

    • the application of educational and advisory methods in communication with clients, with the aim of removing stereotypes and prejudices and adopting correct attitudes towards persons with disabilities and companies that train and employ them

    Become our satisfied clients,
    as part of a group of successful and engaged companies that develop an inclusive society

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