From Webster’s dictionary in 1913 to the present, this type of product is defined and used as that material in the office business that is consumed and can be thrown away and destroyed after use. In order to maximize work efficiency, Novitas Consult provides everything needed in daily office work and adapts the offer to the specific needs of each client.


The standards that Novitas Consult applies is:


Product Standard: Quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard

Selected Products

Thermal Rolls

Fiscal rolls are a key consumable in businesses that use cash registers and receipt printers. These paper rolls are specially designed for high quality printing and durability to ensure accurate transaction records and provide clear documentation for customers and tax purposes.

Labels and Stickers

Labels and stickers are thin materials with an adhesive backing that are used for labeling, identification, pricing, promotion, or other information on various objects and surfaces. Their use is intended to mark products, pallets and packaging for easier tracking and identification.