Packaging Material

Packaging material plays a key role in protecting products during transport, storage and distribution. They are designed to ensure product integrity and protect them from external influences, such as shocks, moisture, light and temperature. In addition, packaging has a marketing role, as it can attract consumers with its design and information about the product.

Selected Products

Stretch Foil

Industrial stretch foil is made of quality materials that provide high durability and resistance to tearing, which ensures the transport and storage of products. The most important characteristic of industrial stretch film is its ability to stretch. It is used for packing and transporting pallets with products, as well as for protecting sensitive equipment and machines during storage and transportation.


Adhesive tape, also known as duct tape or packing tape, is used for a variety of purposes including packaging, closing boxes, repairs, labeling, and many others.

Duct tape is usually made of polypropylene for its durability.