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Our dried apple is an ideal snack that combines the wonderful juiciness of a fresh apple with the compactness of dried fruit. This delicious treat is full of natural vitamins (A and C) and fiber, providing you with a refreshing snack at any time. Retains color, smell and taste.


Without the addition of sugar and preservatives, this delicacy preserves the authenticity and nutritional value of the apple, making it extremely suitable for everyone who wants to combine the enjoyment of a crisp and juicy apple with a healthy lifestyle.

You can enjoy a dry apple as a tasty snack that provides an instant dose of energy, whether you are at work, school or on the road. Its practicality is undeniable, and at the same time it makes an excellent addition to various recipes, such as muesli, yogurt or fruit salads. Due to the high content of fiber and natural antioxidants, our dried apple also supports your general well-being, contributing to your health in a delicious way.

With our dried apple, discover the perfect harmony between the pleasure of taste and the care of your body. Make your diet rich and delicious with this natural and nutritious treat.